This condominium market analysis will cover the 2 lakes, Lake Hamilton and Lake Catherine, and show all active contingent and active property data averages.

Currently, there are 213 lakefront condos listed on Lake Hamilton. Average asking price is $214,983 and the median is $196,900.  They range in price from over $600,000 to $70,000. Quite a spread, no?

Currently, there are no waterfront condos for sale on Lake Catherine, but the condo market on Lake Catherine is extremely limited. There are some non-waterfront condos, and they have LOVELY views of the lake and mountains, but they are not considered waterfront.

You can look for the earlier post on Lakefront / waterfront condos which will give you some insight into the market sector, as not all are actually/physically ON the water... but the common areas are, so they are, in fact lakefront. Make no sense? Email me for a further