Current data from the Hot Springs Board of Realtors® multiple listing service as of 7:15 am today:


There are as of today, 754 homes for sale in Hot Springs, Garland County. This does not include Condominiums or manufactured homes (unless the maufactured homes are waterfront), as these will require a separate search. I'm trying to keep the water as clear as possible. As I have stated before this data does not truly reflect the "average home" it is a data set. The headline real estate markets do not compare to most markets in the nation as real estate is a LOCAL thing. 

The homes range in price, as you can see from a $10,000 total fixer upper to a $4.5 million dollar extravaganza. That is a WIDE base. Still, it is in the data set so we press on. The 2 "ends of the spectrum have not changed since the last report. There is ONE less total listing... that does not mean that things aren't busy homes are being sold, and new homes are coming on the market, so things are happening. The last report was just a couple of weeks ago, so the overall change is small. Keep in mind my mantra:" HOMES ARE NOT STOCKS"

Previous report:
The previous report had a couple of month gap in it, and shows a good reduction in inventory, so you might want to look at it. Does that mean there is a "housing shortage"? Not really... this sort of looks like it is a healthy, stable market.

The data above reflects a stable price as well.. very little variance within a couple of thousand dollars on average and median prices from 2 weeks ago... this can rise and fall depending on a couple of home sales or new listings that come on the market.

Filtering by home type:

 Residential Homes for sale in Hot Springs, Garland County (non waterfront): There are currently 594 active, non contingent Residential Hot Springs Homes for sale (a small reduction in units)

Here's the chart for non waterfront homes:



Again, there are small changes in price.. a couple thousand in average and about a hundred in Median.

Shifting gears:

Waterfront Homes for sale in Hot Springs (Garland County): Again, Single homes, not condos. These can also include "creekfront".

Here is the chart for waterfront homes:


There are 160 waterfronts, which shows 5 more listings than a couple of weeks ago. And they range from $94,900 to $4.5M as did the last report.

Both average and median prices show a modest gain of about $5,000. 

Although this data is probably much more accurate than what you will find on your own, or on any of the "Big Box" realty sites, It is general, and therefore not specific to your very specific needs (look for the earlier posting in "Statistical Overload").

If you have specific needs (and you do), give me a call (read the thing on the website about no pressure). If you are working with an agent, that agent should be able to obtain this same statistical info for you. If they can't, you should think seriously about changing agents. You really should steer clear of an agent that is NOT in the market you are looking in, no matter how great they are or how much you like them. They simply do not have the data at their fingertips. This goes for listing also, but that was handled in another post... (Doesn't that make sense?)

On specific needs (an example would be if you are looking for a strictly 3/2 RESIDENTIAL home (non waterfront), Garland County,the data would change a great deal... showing a drop in inventory over the last 2 weeks. Here is the it to the general chart above for ALL the residential homes (non waterfront) above:

Chart for 3/2 non waterfront homes for sale in Hot Springs, Garland County Arkansas




This is your Hot Springs Homes for sale Data for 8am, today(2-5-14). This info does NOT contain any information on Condos, Manufactured (except waterfront manufactured) for sale in Hot Springs, or Land for sale in Hot Springs. Shoot me an email and I'll look it up for you, custom for your criteria (down to neighborhood, school district, whatever I can plug in to the big$$$ search engine I have :)