The headlines about the housing market have been grim. Even positive headlines would always seem to end in a negative twist... things like "will it continue?" and the like have put a negative spin on any positive results. Negativity seems to cause a lot of hesitation these days... well, there is an article published on the web by Inman news today that you should read... I am going to give you the link in a moment, but if you are worried about your "investment" in a home, this has some good stuff. I do want to make a point before you read this. There are intangible benefits to owning a home that are not concerned with monetary gain. I won't go into details here, but YOU actually OWN your HOME.

Part of our troubles began, I believe< whe we started looking at homes as primarily an investment. We started trading them like stocks... a mistake. There is too much reporting concerning homes, as homes are not a liquid investment... they are a LONG term investment, but allow me to make one point: I can pull all my stocks together, and NONE of them can I sleep under, or can they keep the rain out or the cold out... my home sure can.

But here is the link to a very good article about the current state of affairs in the housing market:

It is on the inman news site...