Ok, so it has been a while since the last market report. I am going to expand this into something a bit larger, but hopefully you will find it somewhat useful in your real estate search. In the overall datagrab from the homepage, the average price generally in 2 zipcodes FELL by a whopping $400 bucks I think, but, there are more listings than last time. Not my much, but by some. The market appears to be static... houses are seling about as fast as new listings are coming on the market. 

If you are one of those folks with no attention span and need a photo... here ya go:

So, can we get on to the data now?? Ha ha.


Like it says, ONLY on Lake Hamilton. Lake Catherine is a different market and we will see it in a minute.
Today, there are 145 active and active contingent listings on Lake Hamilton, ranging from 80,000 to almost $4M.
$565,880 is the average listing price (as you might surmise from above, the quality of the homes varies somewhat)
$450,000 is the median price today.

Lakefront single family (Lake Hamilton only) SOLD in the last year:

Again, Only Lake Hamilton. These were the actual sales in the last year.
102 Listings sold. Sold prices ranged from $90,000 to $1.6M.
Average sold price:$443,117 (averaged sell to asking price: right at 90%)
Median sold Price: $389,500 (average sell to asking was 92%)


Now, on to Lake Catherine (my personal favorite, smaller, quieter, older)


 Today, there are 29 active and active contingent listings on Lake Catherine.
They range between $58,400 and $499,900.
$293,424 is the average price listed.
$257,900 is the median price.

SOLD in the last year info:
12 listings sold last year
Selling prices ranged from $84,900 to $365,00 for an average of $212,524 and a median of $213,700.
Average selling price during the last year was almost 94% of asking price. Median price was 95% of asking.