Five Things You Should Put In Storage While Selling Your Home... we have touched on some of these, but it is always a good thing to re-hash.


When your home is on the market but you are still living there, you can't very well make it a model show home. Still, there are a few things you should think about putting in storage (YES, STORAGE. Think of it as getting a jump on packing the home up for when you SELL!!!) while your home is for sale in order to make it as appealing as possible to buyers. Here are the top five things you should consider putting out of sight.


Excess Family Photos


Buyers want to picture themselves in the house, and a slew of family photos hung all over the place can make that difficult. If all they can see is you and your family, they won't be able to easily envision their own family there. Yes, it "humanizes" the space...but less is more here.(Extend this to the current decor faze of emblazoning the kid's room with the child's name painted all over the's related)

Your Liquor Cabinet

A nice wine rack or a few bottles displayed near the wet bar are fine, but if you keep a lot of liquor in the house put it somewhere out of sight. While it may seem illogical, buyers who share different lifestyle views might be put off by it. It also would be wise to hide those bottles of '92 Screaming Eagle Cabernet Sauvignon, also. (At $500K a pop, they would make a lovely target for a late night visit ;)


Your Pet's Toys

Chewed up tennis balls, smelly stuffed animals, and half-digested bones are part of life with a dog, but people coming to see your house will find it unattractive. It will also tell them your pet has the run of the house, and they will wonder what damage might have been done. I know...we love our fur babies, but we can't let them interfere with a sale of the house. (Also, bring in a GOOD friend (that does not own pets) that will tell you if your house needs a pet-odor treatment)


Signs Of Repairs

Put away the plunger and similar items when you are selling. It will prevent buyers from wondering if something is wrong with the plumbing, even if you only keep it around as a precaution. Make certain your A/C filter is a clean one and look at the metal grate in front of it. FIX those little things you have put me, they will see them and wonder if you put off bigger items as well.


Anything That Clutters A Room (You might need help with this)

So the extra bedroom is used as an office/exercise room/guest bedroom? Versatility is great, but all that stuff in there will just look like there isn't enough space in the house for everything you-or a buyer-needs (plus it makes that small-ish room look even smaller). Get rid of the exercise equipment and the desk, and leave the guest bed. Extra bedrooms are more of a selling point than an office or exercise room.
Reduce the clothes in the will show that there is SPACE in the closet!!! Closet room is a big thing with buyers, so don't make yours look like they are tiny. 


It might be annoying to have to put some of your treasured personal items away while you sell your home, but it can mean a faster sale and a possibly larger profit. Buyers need to see a home as a place where they can live, not the place where you live. Failure to do so might result in you living there far longer than you want... if ya catch my meaning.