Hi Again, Here is the data off the Hot Springs Board of Realtors® Multiple listing service.

As of today, November 19, 2015 these is the homes for sale data:

Non Lake, Stick built homes (not condos) for sale in Garland County Listed as active listings: (as of about 1pm)
Total :567 homes for sale today
Average Price:     $212,718
Median Price:       $160,000
Range:                   $17,000 - $2,300,000

Lakefront, Stickbuilt homes for sale (not condos). Garland County. Active listings:
Total:185 lakefront homes for sale today:
Average Price:      $569,202
Median Price:        $459,000
Range:                    $80,000 - $4,950,000

SOLD info for the last 3 months (it will be interesting to compare to the earlier post from the 7th)

Residential single family homes SOLD (closed)
Number sold: 202
Average sold Price:$152,296
Median Sold Price:$136,400
Avg. Days on Market: 128**

Lakefront Homes (can include manf.) no condos SOLD:
Number sold: 48
Average sold Price:$428,890
Median Sold Price:$346,500
Avg. DOM: 158**

** never accurate (call or email me for "why")