So, you are wanting to sell your home. Time to downsize, upsize, transfer, etc. etc. Is it a sellers market yet? That depends. You cannot pay attention to the headlines. Headlines are usually national, and not local. As I have said many times here, real estate is a LOCAL thing, and in some cases, hyper local...right down to a couple of blocks within a city.

Selling a home involves a lot more than finding a great agent and then leaving it up to the agent. You MUST be involved to a good degree. Numerous tips are out there and I am going to report them to you in a series of posts regarding selling your home, so come back and search for home selling tips here in the blog. Maybe if you hear it from me here, you will believe your agent!

Do you need to go right out and put down granite counters, pull up the carpet and install hand gouged Brazillian Cherry... on and on? Lord, no. ONLY if you want those things in your house for YOUR benefit. You are not going to get all your money back (but that's another blog post). This first one is going to be very BASIC. 

TIP #1: Price it correctly.

The agents you interview should have an idea of what your house will bring... I prefer to go through the home before crunching numbers, as condition is a major factor, along with general appearance and updates. I cannot sell an "original" vintage 1970's home that has had no upgrading, when a similar home 3 doors down has newer interior features and they are priced similarly. Buyers do a LOT of research, and watch a lot of misleading television on these things. 

When it comes down to where the "rubber meets the road", the only thing that is going to sell your home is market price. What the MARKET is showing. Not necessarily what it might be "worth".


It is true that YOU ultimately control the price you will take for your home, and that needs to be based on your loan payoff, closing costs and sales commissions, tax prorations and other factors... but sadly, if your house is comparable to others on the market say for 150,000 and you have to get 165,000 because you need to... all you are doing in my opinion is helping those other homes sell... not yours. LISTEN to the agent.

Tip #2: You are not helping to sell the house by being there for showings.

I know, somehow you might feel that you can convey the emotional attachment that you have to your home, but trust me, you aren't going to sell the home that way. You will be conveying YOUR emotional attachment to the home...that part is true. But what does that do to sell the home to these people??... in their eyes it is YOUR space. They will not want to intrude... they might not want to buy it because you love it so much!!  They certainly are intruding into YOUR space...well..because you aren't leaving them alone, there you are, right there in the way. They certainly cannot voice an opinion about the home because there YOU are, right in the way... They cannot picture themselves in your home as owning it because...there YOU are, right in the way...They certainly cannot discuss what to offer on the home with their agent because...there YOU are, right in the way. So do you think you might BE IN THE WAY of a sale here? So Vacate the premises... get OUT of the way.

Consider writing up a list of the things you love about the home, along with the upgrades and special features and go over them with your listing agent. Ask that these be printed up on a handout and left  on the kitchen counter. Then get OUT of the way.

Tip #3: Keep it clean

Yes. this gets old fast. Your home needs to look its Sunday best. Not just clean, but clutter free. Your clutter, and almost all of us  have waaay too much stuff, needs to go into storage packed for the move we all hope will happen. If you haven't used it in a year, pack it NOW! Rent a nice storage unit and start the moving process. This also goes for personal items like that entire wall of family faded phots... yes, we love them. Buyers will not. Yes, it "humanizes" the space, makes it look "lived in"... BY YOU, not by THEM. They need to see in their minds THEIR photos and art. They need to see THEIR clothes in the closet (PACK IT UP)... but don't cram it into that nice storage area that your home might have, because THEY need to see that space as empty as you can get it... it will be a better selling point if it looks larger, and it will not help if it is full.

Showcase that counter space... pack that stuff up if you can.

That's it for now... come back and poke around!