OK, before you read this, you need to wade through the post on Statistical overload... go there... now... seriously...really.


I'm sure you did that, but if you didn't, it's your own fault. So here is the market data for TODAY, at approximately 6:15pm. The data will be for Garland County in general, so these are the Hot Springs Homes for sale according to the Realtor® Board Multilist.

Looking through single family homes (both residential and waterfront) there are 822 showing as active listings (Contingent listings are not reported here). The average home price in Hot Springs (Garland County) is currently $304,082. The median home price is $199,900 (See the statistical overload post for an explanation of what this means.

Looking through Condos (residential and waterfront), there are 257 current active listings. The average price for a condo currently is $200,218 with a median of $165,900.

Now, call an agent so he/she can make some sense out of that glob of data.