This will be the Condominium report for Hot Springs, Garland County, Arkansas as reported in the Hot Springs Board of Realtors® It will be current and up to date information.I will separate out lakefront and residential units to make it a bit more accurate. Keep in mind, again that a Lakefront Condo is not necessarily right on the water, but can be a building or two back from the water. The reason that this is legal is that commonly owned property IS on the lake. It's not a "trick" or "puffing", it just "IS".

Concerning non waterfront condos for sale:

Currently, there are 53 condominiums in Garland County that are for sale in our Hot Springs Board's multiple listing service. There is a caveat coming. The average price in these is $106,000 with a median of $85,000. They range from$45,000-$270,000. Here is the caveat.... Hot Springs Village is also included in this data. Once again we cannot compare apples to apples. The Hot Springs Village Market is technically it's own market. There are some bargains to be had out there as well. I am going to try and remove it and see what the data shows.

It removes a few and changes the average to $109,000 and the Median to $88,000.

As always, the data searched is a much larger dataset than what you would need to search for what type of condo you were wanting to purchase.