The following post will contain current market data on residential condominium listings and waterfront condominium listings, currently active as of this date (9/22/2012) in Garland County, Arkansas.

Keep in mind these things concerning "waterfront" where condos are concerned: Common areas of a waterfront condo COMPLEX allow condos to be listed as waterfront. The condo unit itself might not actually be at the water's edge, but may be removed. It's best to research or ask for the help from an agent in the area. Also, "waterfront" does not always mean "lakefront".

There are 255 condominium units for sale in the Garland County.

Out of these, there are 188 listed as waterfront condos. The lowest price condo unit is $64,900, Highest: $990,000. The average asking  price of a waterfront condo in Garland County, Arkansas today is $220,618. Median price is $189,000.

Concerning Residential Condominiums in Garland County, Arkansas, there are 67 currently active listings. These range from $32,000 to a high of $699,000. The average asking price for a residential, non-waterfront  condominium is currently $115,148 with a median of $81,900.

This data is from the Hot Springs Board of Realtors® Multiple Listing Service as of 9/22/2012.