This report will include data on Residential Single Family Homes for sale that are currently showing as active listings in the Hot Springs Board of Realtors® multilist. These include homes for sale in Hot Springs' 3 main school districts, used for geographical purposes only. Some of the listings will be outside of the city limits though.

As of today, there are 552 residential, single family Homes for sale in the Hot Springs area. (Non-waterfront). The lowest price home is listed at $17,999 and the highest price is $1,800,000 so you can see that there is quite a spread there...

The average priced home in the Hot Springs market today is approx. $198,000, and the median priced home is $151,000, indicating that there are more homes priced below the average than above.

I hope this data on the hot Springs Housing market is helpful in some way, but there is far too large a spread on the numbers. It depends on what YOU are looking for in a home, and then the "average" home in that criteria would be far more helpful. Go to the advance search on this site and key in your criteria and go through all of the listings and see what's in a price range that you can comfortably afford. THAT is what house hunting in Hot Springs is about :)