Now this report is completely different from the market reports on Homes for sale in Hot Springs that I normally post. Heck, it might be even a candidate for "STATISTICAL OVERLOAD", which is an earlier post you need to read, if you haven't.

THIS report is going to look back for the last 7 days and tell you how many new listings were put up, how many are pending, how many price reductions have been posted and how many listings expired... we will see what happens.

Being that my website's main theme is HOMES or HOUSES for sale in Hot Springs, I am going to try and remove lots, commercial, multifamily... those things. Like I said, we will see what happens...

In the past 7 days, there were 49 new listings for homes and condos in Hot Springs. Some of these are re-listings of homes that were previously on the market.

There were 24 listings of homes and condos in Hot Springs that expired. It's quite possible that several of these added to the new listing list because they would have been either picked up by a different agency, or relisted by the incumbent.

There were 30 listings of condos or homes in the Hot Springs MLS that showed price changes, and there were 25 homes that sold (actually closed). 

There are 79 homes and condos in the Hot Springs multilist that are showing as "pending". This is a subjective term that should imply that the home sale his rocketing along toward the closing table... all contingencies have been met and parties are just waiting for the closing date to arrive. This also isn't often accurate because some agent never list a property as "pending" and go straight to "sold" when it closes. These agents probably met my father, who said often, "Optimists just aren't paying attention."