This is going to almost be like the previous post about statistical overload. Data can damage... unrelevant data is worse than damage, so I tried to make this relevant to most of the people I deal with that are looking for homes. 

In the past 7 days, there were 70 new listings. Sounds like a LOT of houses going up for sale in a week, but the data is misleading. Read on to find out why,,,

I took those 70 new listings... then I filtered out Duplexes, commercial-ish, acreage, suburban lots and city lots. This left us with Residential single family homes, waterfront single family homes and condos...   We were left with 23 new listings. (Oh, and I took the ones that were out of town also).

Of these new home listings, the average price is around $195k with a median price of around $133k (meaning there are more homes priced below the average price than above it.

Data on homes for sale in ANY housing market, not just Hot Springs homes for sale bears a lot of scrutiny... and it is best STILL to have a person scrutinze that data for you, not just leave it up to those that want a headline. Just imagine the headlines that could have come out of that dataset :)

Now, check this out... out of the Hot Springs Home Market data, using the same criteria as above, there were 14 listings for homes that closed in the last 7 days... not bad when you compare to the new listings :)

Have a great day... and remember to actually look through the data that is out there and think....