Here is the current up to date info from the Hot Springs Board of Realtors® Multiple Listing Service as of October 21, 2013 compared to the end of September 2013...


The first data set will include both Residential homes for sale in Hot Springs and Garland County, AND waterfronthomes for sale in Hot Springs and Garland County (all non contingent).

As of 8:10-8:30 am CDT today (it changes moment by moment):

There are 844 (down by 8 from last report) Homes currently listed for sale (non-contingent) in Hot Springs and Garland County within the hot Springs Board of Realtors® multilist. Inventory slightly up over last report... more or less holding steady.

These range in price from $19,500 to $4,425,000 (unchanged) resulting in an average Hot Springs home price of  $276,406 (down slightly about $1,000) and a median price of $189,000 (up by almost 3,000). This includes BOTH Residential Homes for sale AND waterfront homes for sale. This again, is BOTH residential AND waterfront homes together.

Filtering by home type:

 Residential Homes for sale in Hot Springs, Garland County (non waterfront):

There are 664 Active (up again by ONE), non-contingent listings, ranging from $19,500 to $1,700,000 (again, unchanged) with an average Home price of $193,669 (up by almost 2,000) and a median price of $159,900 (up by $2,000).

The "changes" in this inventory appear to be a stable inventory, yet asking prices are ticking up.

Waterfront Homes for sale in Hot Springs:

There are 190 Active, non-contingent listings ( 4 up), the range is from $97,500 to $4.425,000 (same 3 as before) with an average Home price of $562,703 (down almost 20,000) and a median price of $444,900 (DOWN $100). These areWATERFRONT homes for sale in Hot Springs, Garland County Currently Active in the hot Springs Board of Realtors® multilist.

Although this data is probably much more accurate than what you will find on your own, It is general, and therefore not specific to your very specific needs (look for the earlier posting in "Statistical Overload").

If you have specific needs (and you do), give me a call (read the thing on the website about no pressure). If you are working with an agent, that agent should be able to obtain this same statistical info for you. If they can't, you should think seriously about changing agents. You really should steer clear of an agent that is NOT in the market you are looking in, no matter how great they are or how much you like them. They simply do not have the data at their fingertips. This goes for listing also, but that was handled in another post...

On specific needs (an example would be if you are looking for a strictly 3/2 RESIDENTIAL home (non waterfront), Garland County,the data would change a great 291 listings (down slightly at 6), Ranging from 29,900 -$499,900 (which is unchanged again);  average: 164,714 (up over $1,000); median: 152,900 (up around 1,000). 


This is your Hot Springs Homes for sale Data for 8:25am, today(Oct.21,2013). This info does NOT contain any information on Condos, Manufactured (except waterfront) for sale in Hot Springs, or Land for sale in Hot Springs. Shoot me an email and I'll look it up for you, custom for your criteria (down to neighborhood, school district, whatever I can plug in to the big$$$ search engine I have :)