Today, there are 190 active waterfront home listings on the Hot Springs Board of Realtors® multiple listing service. The range in home prices is vast... from a little cabin that is not quite finished on Lake Catherine at approx. $85k to a lakefron estate weighing in at a dreamy $4,899,000... and all points in between.

The average waterfront home in the Hot Springs area is priced at $600,718 with a median price coming in at $449,250 meaning more homes below the average than above it.

Now, forever playing with the data (heck, it's MY post, right?) I am now removing the EIGHTEEN waterfront estates that are priced OVER one million. Don't worry, there are still several priced bargains priced above 970k but less than 1M. ;)   And conversely, I am going to remove 18 listings from the low end as well....  The average price comes in at $504,763... and the same median. Least expensive home in this data set was just under 200k.

As always, the data set includes listings from the 3 main Hot Springs area school districts used as a geographical guide. Some of these listings will be outside the city limits.