Okay, so we have stats, lots and lots of statistical mumbo jumbo about the housing market around Hot Springs (feel free to look back at statistical overload post). A lot of this serves to basically muddy the water. It doesn't if you are an investor... you need those stats because the Hot Springs Real Estate market, although heating up, hasn't recovered yet. As MOST real estate agents across the country will tell you, real estate is LOCAL, and in some cases, HYPER-LOCAL. By a hyper local market, it can go not even just to the neighborhood, but to the street within a neighborhood.


A home is an investment, it is true, and for most of us, it is a VERY large investment. But the main thing it is? Well, it is first and foremost a HOME. Homes to me are (or have been) the ultimate blue chip stock if you choose wisely. They tick up in value over TIME. And the great thing that homes have over other investments is that you LIVE inside them. It is PRIMARILY a HOME, not a stock, so quit looking at it like one. If you want a certain decor... do it if it makes you happy and adds to your quality of life. DO NOT remodel your home with the idea that it will bring more $$$ at selling. Sure, there are things that will bring some money back, but why wait and let the new buyers enjoy them???!!! Do it because it will make the kitchen or bath better for YOU while you live there!!!!


Sure, there are things to avoid, and for me to mention them would just add more hoopla, so research the trends if you must. If it is done with quality and tastefulness, I don't think you can go wrong. It's YOUR HOME. Enjoy your living space....

I feel better. Thanks.