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Quick Kitchen Makeovers


Kitchen renovations tend to be the biggest, most complicated home makeover projects, mainly because the kitchen is the most frequented and most multifunctional room in modern homes. But sometimes a kitchen makeover can be achieved with some simple cosmetic changes, rather than a complete redesign of the actual floor plan.

Beyond a basic color scheme change, the next makeover level involves replacing cabinet hardware. Remove a set of hinges, knobs and/or pulls to identify the type of screw/bolt settings that will be needed. Then, choose from the many options available at home building centers or specialty knob stores(we did this and the effect was wonderful). Similarly, consider a new faucet and sink, upgraded countertop (or have them refinished by a professional) or a fresh tile backsplash. Each will contribute to a dramatic change. You may want to consider replacing or refinishing the drawer and cupboard facings as well, although that would likely require professional help.

Improved lighting is another important way to change a kitchen’s look and functionality. However, general overhead lighting, strategic task lighting and ambient mood lighting could involve rewiring. Finally, replacing the flooring will result in a significant change to any kitchen. Choices range from recycled cork to indestructible granite. Remember to consider not only appearance but also practicality (and of course, your budget).

Does this mean you will be able to sell your home for $$$$$$$ more? Not necessarily. But think on this...if you watch your budget on this, it might just MAKE it sell faster than the other comps.

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