There is just something about little to no maintenance. No mowing, no exterior painting, no replacing the roof... etc.

Those are a few  of the attractions of owning a condominium. There are, as in all things real estate, some items to consider. There will be a fee that you pay that covers certain items like these. Make sure you know what it is and what it covers. There could be additions to the fee that you or your agent "ass-u-me-s" would be included. Burglar/fire alarm required but is it included? Garbage pick up? Satellite TV? Things like those, even though not included in a single family dwelling are sometimes assumed to be included in the monthly condo fee.

Do you like having neighbors close by? Above you? Below you?

There can be some rather heavy restrictions on what you can and cannot do. In some, you cannot hang a towel to dry over the porch railing... things like that. All are designed to give the entire complex a unified look, and although needed to be in place so the property does not become cluttered and unkempt... occasionally will stir the ire of some folks.

Another item to look into would be the financials and management of the complex. This should be public record or easily obtainable and in fact, a review of those financials and the bylaws and restrictions should be a contingency of your contract to puchase (if it isn't already). Just some safeguards for you to consider...

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