Let's look at the Hot Springs / Garland County Arkansas Real Estate Market Statistics as of today, 11-7-2015.

This will include current data from the Hot Springs Board of Realtors® Multiple Listing Service, and will be filtered to include homes for sale and sold in Garland County, Arkansas ( Hot Springs is the County Seat).


Residential Single Family Homes (stick built, NON lakefront)
565 Listings (Range: $9,900- $2,300,000)
Average Listing Price: $213,415
Median Listing Price: $ 160,000

Lakefront Single Family Homes (can include mfg./modular)
190 Listings (Range: $80,000- $4,950,000)
Average Listing Price:$567,065
Median Listing Price: $459,450

I tried, but due to agents listing lakefront condos in the non-lake dataset that I use, I cannot obtain good data, so if you are interested in a non-lake Condo OR a lakefront condo, we will have to search listing by listing... call me and I will explain.

Manufactured Homes:
Due to some of these actually being "Personal Property" and not "Real Property", again, we would need to do a listing by listing search with numerous phone calls.


Data will include CLOSED sales for the last 3 months (not currently under contract or pending...ONLY sales that have CLOSED)

Residential Single Family Sales:
197 Sales (Range: $10,000- $1,020,000)
Average Sold Price: $158,593
Median Sold Price: $139,900
Average Days on Market**:127
Median Days on Market**: 95
Longest DOM**: 639

Lakefront Homes Sold (last 3 months):
56 Sales (Range: $90,000- $1,600,000)
Average Sold Price: $430,123
Median Sold Price: $ 364,000
Average Days on Mkt**: 149
Median Days on Mkt.** : 135
Longest DOM** 417

** Days on Market is never accurate when dealing with averages, etc. To get a more accurate picture of DOM, you need to look at individual listings in a history. Need to call me for an explanation on this.

As always, there are as many stats for home sales as there are neighborhoods... real estate is a LOCAL thing, and in most cases is hyper-local. Please don't get caught up in the hype of national and regional statistics. Make the call; accurate data is what you need to make a measured decision. As always, I'd be happy to help with your initial searches, and help YOU decide if buying or selling is the right option for YOU, and if it is, I'll be with you every step of the way.