So, what is for sale you ask? What is the average home price? What is the median home price? Well... here we go...

The following data will be for today, Thursday, June 18,2018 around 10:30am... and yes, it will change slightly as the day goes on. 

What we will be looking at in this first section is the "residential single family" availability. These are stick-built, single family homes, NOT on the lake. Garland County-wide, all school districts, all shapes sizes, all bedrooms, baths, etc. It's a wide net. Will it apply to your specific need? Nope, you are not average, you are give me a holler and I will custom fit the data to YOU and what you are looking for. Here we go...

Today, there are 458 homes listed as active in our Hot Springs Arkansas Board of Realtors® Multiple Listing Service®.

The average listing price for a home today is $239,410.
The median listing price for a home today is  $199,900.

The range today is from $18,000 to $1.5M

28 of these listings are listed as "active contingent" which indicates they have an offer on them currently.

To compare to the past a bit, here is a quote from the 3/31/17 report...
Currently, the average listing price for a stick-built, non lake-front single family home is $232,459 with a median price of $175,250. There are currently 468 active listings. 

Not a huge amount of change, eh? Again though... averages do not tell you the story, so don't buy in to all the national averages that you read about. They do not apply to our market here in Hot Springs, and Garland County Arkansas. They certainly do not apply to you. Every market is different, often VASTLY different. Every person's needs are different. Feel free to call me to adjust this data to where it more accurately fits YOU...because finding a home IS all about you!!