As of today at 8am, in the Hot Springs Board of Realtors® multiple listing data, there are 755 homes for sale in Hot Springs (Garland County). This include both Residential Single family homes and Waterfront single family homes. Using the broad data, the average price of a home for sale in Hot Springs is $290,416 with a median of $192,500. The total range of pricing for Hot Springs homes for sale is from $19,500 to 2.5M dollars.

Now, filtering the data:

Residential Single Family homes for sale in Hot Springs (Garland County), Arkansas...
Average home price is $195,678 with a median of $159,000. The data includes 572 homes currently for sale today, and ranges between $19,500 to $1.295M

Waterfront Homes for sale in Hot Springs...
There are 183 total waterfront homes for sale today in Hot Springs, Garland County Arkansas with an average price of $586,538 and a median price of $479,000. The range extends from $84,900 to $2.5M.

Keep in mind that this is everything listed that is not contingent. Your particular range will vary, so as I have said numerous times... Real estate is hyper local.

Here is an example... as you would know, in waterfront homes for instance, that the $84,000 listing and the $2.5M listing really skew the data. I have seen the $84.9k, and I don't have any buyers looking in the 1M range at present, so let's look at the median number, that one directly in the middle of the data if it were a list. ($479,000) and lets look at say 279k-679k and see what happens... I like this set, because the average and median are rather close: Average: $447k, median: $432,250. This appears to be the range where a more accurate "average price" is found.

Have a great day, and call if you want a customized data set that more meets your needs and wants.