Here is the latest info for the Day, July 19, 2014 for Garland county's Non-waterfront stick built homes.


Currently there are 660 stickbuilt homes in Garland County that are Active/Contingent...

Here is the price data:


So if you look at the spread of the Lowest home (an investor "special/fixer upper/ light a match" property at one end, and The Million Dollar estate at the other (our market is not like those in Big Cities... 1,000,000 gets you a LOT of home), you can see why the average home price really doesn't mean much to you and your circumstances. The median home price seems a better choice, but it is really the combination of the two that gives a pretty decent picture, A median price of 162k with an average price of 201k means that out of 660 listings, there are many of them BELOW the average price. Again, the best way to find out what is right for your circumstances is to get an agent and "double team" the marketplace.