Today, in looking through all homes for sale in the Hot Springs market, we will include all residential single family, waterfront single family, waterfront condos and residential condos. Again, looking only in GARLAND COUNTY we find:

There are 1,055 homes and condos for sale, total

There is one showing for auction listed at $1, so it was removed from the price data.

Lowest price is $20,000, highest is $4,899,000

$279,657 is the average price of a home for sale in Hot Springs TODAY, using these parameters.

$189,900 is the MEDIAN home price.

If you haven't gone to the main Statistical overload post... go there and read some of it before continuing, ok?

Now we will change the BIG data to make it a bit more relavent. If you are looking for a lake condo (and you need to know that "waterfront condo" might mean 3 buildings BACK from the lake), your average asking price today is $230,962. The least expensive is $64,900 and the most expensive is $990,000. There are 179 of them on the market today.

A residential single family home for sale in the Hot Springs market (Garland County) today has an average asking price of $208,029. The least expensive is $20,000 while the most expensive is $1,800,000. and there are over 550 listings today in this criteria. So... does this help? Not really I would think. I get leads from the internet all the time, and the internet is a great general tool, don't get me wrong... but they will click on an automatic inquiry that will send me an automated message requesting more information on a specific listing... and then it will ask for info on "similar" listings... but the word similar has far too many variables, as these stats should prove to you....

I would suggest that you use a blend of hunting on the internet yourself, while working with someone you trust to hone the data for you. It's just a thought.

Have a safe Labor Day!