It's a common phrase we use, isn't it? I do it too :).



"No thanks, I'm just looking."
I bet the sales person could have helped save you some time and effort... possibly even MONEY!!!

"No thanks, I don't need directions."
I bet the person that offered, knew how to get there...

The truth of the matter is that you do not want to be "sold to". That's why you are doing this yourself, and there is a ton of info out there on the web. Real estate agents used to be the keepers of all the information... well there is a lot out there, but we still have a lot to offer. You just don't want a "pitch-man" in your face.  Well, neither do I (amazing, right?) That's why I absolutely do NOT pressure anybody, or "hound" anyone.What I do though, is comb through the up to the minute listing information available to us... a database usually much more quickly updated and more accurate than many popular websites, and if you are out of town (and even if you live here), I will go over to the property you are interested in, and go through it as if I was the one buying it, take loads of photos and then send you a web-album. With captions under the photos. If you want, I will even make a video for you. Honestly though, photos can work for and against... they can fool you both ways...good and bad .Nothing. absolutely NOTHING beats standing in the is so often about "feel", that intangible thing that can make a house into a home..."it feels right", "it feels like home".

Everyone starts out "just looking" and now with the internet at everyone's fingertips it is easier to look than ever. But looking in only 2 dimensions is not nearly as good as 3. I will be glad to go further than those 2 dimensions for you, plus do a little background research for you. Just let me have feedback so I can do a better job working for YOUR interests!!!

Contact me and I will send you a free... no obligation (and I mean that)... 33 page buyers guide and a home buyer's survey. Both are general info, but very helpful!!! It's best to email me. That way I can just reply with the attachments attached to that reply, and nope, I'm not going to start hounding you once I get your email address...

In addition, if you click the  Buyer/Seller info tab... not the subtabs, but the header tab, there are a ton of good advice sections to read through.

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Hot Springs real estate the no-pressure way.