I never quite understand why people that are actually wanting to buy a new home wait for open houses. Well, I guess I do when I look back to where I was in their shoes. I didn't want to be "sold to". I also guess that this is why I don't "sell to" people that use me as their agent. But here is the logic to what I do now, and why you really ought to use a real estate agent in Hot Springs.

I see folks all the time that come into our office and ask for the list of homes for sale in Diamondhead that we keep on file (our office is just outside Diamondhead's gate...so that's pretty natural that we would do that). They come in the office and they are backing out as soon as they come in. I don't know how to communicate to them that if they spent 10 minutes with me in my office that together we can go through every home for sale in Hot Springs (not just homes for sale in Diamondhead) and they can take a quick virtual tour of those homes for sale on a video monitor.

FACTOID: I can save them time in their search for a new home.

Factoid: I can save them gas $$$$

Factoid: I can show them way more homes than are being held open
sub factoid: why wait for an open house when I can get you into most all the listings in Hot Springs??

Factoid: I more than likely DON'T represent the sellers.

Factoid: They will see way more homes than they would by looking through the ads and magazines


But they still are afraid that some big gate will clang down behind them, and that I will torture them until I get an offer on something that they don't want... so they are happy to blindly search... sail on the real estate ocean without a compass... heck, why not, because we know that everything is better on the internet, right???!!!  Nope.  Why would they want someone to help them? Why would they want some advice from someone that looks through homes as part of their living?? (see... I'm retired, so I don't have to pressure folks to buy in order to put food on the table). Why indeed???

The fact remains that you should be talking to someone( that you are a good fit with) to be your agent. Be upfront with them about your timetable and needs and wants. Give the agent feedback so they can do a better job for YOU! Get pre-APPROVED and then stay that way!!! (This means don't change your credit status by buying a new car, getting new credit cards, etc...( talk to your lender about this)

Need some free advice?, give me a call. I'd be happy to be your compass on this often stormy real estate sea in Hot Springs, Arkansas!