So let's look at the Hot Springs Board of Realtors® Multiple Listing Service and see what today holds.

In Garland County TODAY, our board has 731 single family homes listed. 550 of these are Residential, non-lakefront. 181 of these are lakefront (lakefront listings can include manufactured). No condos are in this search.

Lakefront Home Report: 
The range for lakefront homes for sale is $4,950,000- $80,000. The average asking price is  $578,739 with a median price of $459,000.

Residential Home Report:
The range for residential homes for sale is $19,000- $1,900,000. The average home asking price is $213,281 and the average median price on the market today is $163,250.

Throwing you a curve, just for statistics sake ;)...Concerning a 3/2 residential home in Garland County..between 1600-1900 square feet, There are 57 listings. Average : $151,867. Median:$145,000.

So, see how it changes when you add some criteria into the mix? Your situation is unique. Don't just get in line with those that look at the headlines, ok??

Have a great day.