Deviating from the proverbial fog that surrounds stats, let's see what the lakefront properties are asking. This set of data is going to include homes that are on Lake Hamilton, and are new-ish, say 2005 and newer, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths and say, 1800-2000 square feet. They will fall into 3 school districts, but I have no way of filtering out deeper water from those that will be high and dry during winter here goes.

October 21st Hot Springs Lakefront Homes on the market...

and well, the kicker is that there are no newer lake homes on the market that meet this criteria!!! Got your hopes up, didn't I.

So... we remove the age of the home, and poof! There are 7 lake homes. Well. the proverbial fog is still there, my friend...perhaps this is why you should use a real estate agent to help. The average price in this criteria range is 378,250... but again, it is not accurate, well it is, but it is skewed because there is one home on a point... the value being in the land and it tips the scales at a whopping $800,000 list price. Let's remove that one home.... poof!  Now the average price drops to $307,958.  Incidently, the oldest house in this bunch was built in 1960 and the newest was built in 1998.