November 3, 2012

As always, look back through the posts, if you are new, and find the one on statistical overload... read it first, then come back, ok?

The data set is going to include RESIDENTIAL SINGLE FAMILY HOMES currently active (not contingently under contract) in Garland County (The county of Hot Springs, Arkansas). All sizes, shapes, lot sizes, school districts... except that I threw out the lowest priced 5 and the highest priced 5 to get a bit more realistic picture for the average viewer...



In this data set, there are currently over 570 residential single family homes actively listed for sale in Hot Springs, Arkansas. This does NOT include condos, manufactured homes, or waterfront listings... plus, remember I removed 10...actually I removed 11 because one was listed twice.

Hope this helps, but the best way to sort through all this is to get some help... (see "I'm just looking" in the blog posts here).  If you truly are "just looking"... there's never a problem. If you are truly thinking about buying even semi-soon, I'd advise you to find an agent. They can help you in a lot of ways. Even if you have read through the testimonials and don't like me, heck, that's ok... let me know though, because I can recommend you to a couple of other agents that are like me in that we are honest, ethical and don't pressure anyone. It has to be a good fit.