Today is August 20, 2017. I thought it might be interesting to see how certain things compare today with a post from over a year ago, August 6, 2016... Today's data will be highlighted.

Here is the text from 2016 with today's figure off to the side...

Yep, that's what I said... more data than you want or need, but that is what seems to drive real estate these days. This report will be as of 8/6/16. 

Total Active Listings (everything in our mls):2,079  1,835

Total active listings in Garland County: 1,792  1,596

Total active, NON-contingent listings in Gar. Co.: 1,678  1,451

Lakefront homes for sale: 211 191
          Avg. $$= $582,000    $624,848

Residential Homes for sale: 492 409
          Avg. $$= $214,000 $251,006

Lakefront Condos for sale: 163  137
          Avg. $$= $241,000  $246,500

Condos / Townhomes for sale: 56  60
          Avg. $$= $180,000  $171,057

Lakefront Land for sale: 171 146
          Avg. $$= $315,000  $335,183

City Land for sale: 179  155
          Avg. $$= $82,000  $107,155

Suburban Land for sale: 363  320
Avg. $$= $94,501   $103,858

Now honestly, did this help???  When you look at averages, you are not comparing apples to apples, and in this area, one needs to. In each case, the median price is MUCH lower than the average. In the case of Lakefront houses for sale, the median price is over $100,000 $146,000 less. Please keep in mind that these are based upon ASKING PRICE. "Sold" price is often a good bit different.

If you are interested in how this applies to your situation of either selling real estate or buying real estate, you need to call someone that can get a much narrower picture for you. Only THEN do you begin to see, Grasshopper....