So what do you write about in your first blog post for your new website?

To be honest, I really don't know!

I am excited about having this new website, because it will allow you to search yourself...  yep, MANY sits will allow you to do this, but My Site feeds directly out of the Hot Springs Multiple listing Service... the one inputed by the Members of the Board of Realtors, so this baby is UP TO DATE!!!

I know there are some great websites out there, national ones that have all sorts of bells and whistles... and I advertise on them to a certain degree. Of COURSE, my listings are there, and I syndicate my listings to about 15 other websites... but I get leads often (too often) that ask about a property, and when I look it up, in some cases, it has been sold for several MONTHS!!!

That won't happen here... or shouldn't... so you can see why I am excited about offering you this powerful tool!!!

Give me a shout if you ned some help with your Hot Springs Real Estate search... I'll be glad to help you any way I can.